Strengthening Research in Higher Education of Afghanistan

About the Project


The quality of education at universities and development of a country are very closely related to the scientific and research activities. Publishing is an indispensable tool for the development of professional staff as well as of universities. In the current situation, scientific research in Afghanistan is not implemented or is implemented in a very non-standard way. To improve the quality of higher education, implementation of modern standard research activities is an urgent need.


Our goal is to contribute to improvement and standardization of scientific research activities in Afghanistan as an important tool for improving the quality of higher education and country development. The aim of this project is to introduce modern research methods, tools and activities in Afghanistan, which unfortunately have not been implemented yet because of decades of war and instability.


  • Feasibility study on current situation of scientific research in Afghanistan
  • Workshops and other information activities on standardization of scientific research in Afghanistan
  • Presentation of modern scientific research methods and possibilities of their application in Afghanistan
  • Preparation of a proposal for scientific research reform in Afghanistan