Strengthening Research in Higher Education of Afghanistan


Current situation of research at Afghan universities

Years of war had a highly negative impact on research and knowledge production at Afghan universities. Lack of technical facilities, political instability, migration and disconnection of university staff from the main stream of development are the factors that influenced the research in Afghanistan. After 2001, reconstruction of the higher education system has started, however, modern research methods and activities have not been implemented yet. Based on SCImago country research ranking up to 2019, only 1212 research documents in which people from Afghanistan were employed were published. The number of records in SCOPUS is around 854, however, the majority of these papers were published by the Afghan university staff studying abroad. The numbers of research works created in Afghanistan at Afghan universities is very limited. The ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan approved a strategic document aiming at the improvement of research at Afghan universities. Based on this document, a new office for research activities management at universities will be created.

Relation between research and quality of higher education

There are many discussions on the quality of education at Afghan universities. However, without the implementation of standard modern research activities, improvement of the education quality is impossible. Quality research can be achieved only by increasing the quality of faculty staff. All professors, assistants and instructors should permanently improve their knowledge. Sustainable improvement of the staff knowledge can be achieved by research programs and permanent publishing. To publish a good paper, faculty staff have to read and analyse a number of other works which results in the improvement of their knowledge.

Research and knowledge production

Knowledge production is the most important key component influencing the development of a country. Research is the base of knowledge production. Research based higher education is a necessary need for development.

Modern research tools and activities

During the last decades, huge development of research tools and activities has been observed. Online publication with wide access, huge publication databases, journal citation indexes, e-publications, social sites and internet media represent modern tools of research today. Unfortunately, modern research methods and tools have not been implemented in Afghanistan yet.