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Standard scientific publications

Periodic publications

Scientific magazines
Periodics that provide world’s most popular science and technology news such as New Scientist , National Geographic’s etc. A list of top ten popular scientific magazines can be found here:

Academic Journals
An academic scientific journal is a periodical publication intended to further the progress of science, usually by reporting on new research. There are thousands of scientific journals in publication. In this page you will soon find a number of articles on:
  • How to obtain the quality of a journal based on indexing and metrics
  • What are journal metrics, such as Impact Factor , Cite score, SCImago Journal Rank
  • Open access versus subscribed publication
  • List of some journals and more
  • Finding journal metrics using Scimago Journal & Country Rank
  • Establishing a new scientific journal
  • Obtain an ISSN for a new journal
  • Indexing a journal in citation indexes


Coming soon articles on:
  • Text books
  • Monographs
  • e-books
  • Proceedings
  • Publishing a standard book
  • Obtaining an ISBN for your book
  • Publishing a book with an international publisher

Scientific publishers

Most famous scientific publishers

Citation Indexes

Citation index enables the user to establish which later documents cite which earlier ones.

Coming soon information on:

For a complete list of academic databases see:List of academic databases and search engines

Social sites for scientists

How to publish a paper in a standard peer-reviewed journal

Coming soon articles on:

  • Selecting the right Journal for your paper
  • Journal scope and instructions for authors
  • How to write a standard journal paper
  • How to submit
  • The review process
  • Preparation of a revised manuscript based on reviewer’s comments
  • Decision of editor
  • Proof reading

How to determine the journal quality

Coming soon articles on:

  • Journal indexing
  • Journal metrics
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • Master Journal List - Clarivate Analytics
  • Scimago Journal & Country Rank

How to publish a book

Coming soon articles on:

  • Most famous publishers of scientific books
  • Steps for publishing a book
  • Publishing a book chapter
  • Obtain ISBN

Ethics in publication, plagiarism and antiplagiarism systems

Coming soon articles on:

  • Ethics in publication
  • Citation of used sources
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Autoplagiarism
  • Antiplagiarism software

Scientific conferences

Coming soon articles on:

  • National and International scientific conferences
  • Sustainable conference financing systems
  • Finding a suitable conference for your topic
  • Active and passive participation in a conference
  • Steps for submitting a conference contribution
  • Conference proceedings